Criminalizing Thought in Great Britain

Once again, it is time for a cautionary tale from our cousins across the choppy Atlantic. Melanie Phillips does the honors:

Everyone can agree that today’s Britain — which we’re always being told has become so much more liberal — is the very model of a forward-looking, tolerant society in which freedom of expression is paramount. Correct?

If only. In fact, the intellectual trend in Britain is a remorseless slide towards a dark age of intolerance, reverting to a reason-suppressing, heresy-hunting culture in which certain opinions are being turned into thought crimes.

Astoundingly, people are being arrested by the police — even if the case against them eventually falls — because of what they have said. They are not inciting violence or any criminal activity. They are merely expressing a point of view. Yet for that they may find the police feeling their collars.

It is difficult to say when, exactly, the priorities of the British police shifted from the prevention of criminal offences towards criminalising people for causing offence. The police have become the thin blue line against the Wrong Opinion. Instead of protecting society against oppression, British police officers have become the agents of oppression.

Very sad, when one considers that Great Britain (well, England) pioneered the modern police force under Robert Peeler. If you please, they invented the reality of a law-upholding, innocent-protecting, evildoer-catching good guy or gal in blue outfit with shiny buttons.

Now, it would seem that they have little left besides the outfit. Never fear, though, there is hope:

… if you are a white Christian man upholding traditional family values and expressing a desire to stop immigration and leave the EU, while being sceptical of man-made global warming and believing that Darwinian evolution does not explain the origin of life on earth, Britain is no longer your country. But don’t worry. Utopia is taking its place. The police are on their way to tell you.

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