Concealed Carry Permits Up in South Dakota

That’s what happens when folks realize that they are responsible for themselves:

16,907 permits were issued by sheriffs throughout the state which was 15.6% more permits than the previous record set in 2008. Permits are valid for four years. The number issued in 2009 was 68% higher than the 10,062 permits which were issued in 2005.

Total number of active permits is 55,770.  That means roughly 1/10th of the state’s population over 21 18 has a permit. Not all of these residents carry all the time, but this is still an impressive number.

2 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Permits Up in South Dakota

    1. Ivan,

      Indeed. I must have been thinking about reciprocity–as several states will only reciprocate with us if the holder is over 21. Thanks.

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