Classy Campaigning

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has just sent out a fundraising letter. Here’s an image of the letter. Here’s a bit that really struck me:

Angle wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, and eliminate the federal Departments of Education and Energy. Paul thinks businesses should have the right to discriminate. And Sarah Palin? Well, she’s out there raisin’ money for ’em, just a-droppin’ her g’s and pushin’ ’em further ‘n’ further off that right-wing cliff like they were lemmings instead of mama grizzlies – or whatever her latest mammalian metaphor is.

Nothing like addressing the substance of one’s opponents arguments, is there? Then again, I suppose fundraising letters are not about being truthful, but about stoking the fires of true believers.

The good news? This letter probably would not have been written if the Democratic party were not feeling the pain brought on by ignoring the voices of many of its constituents. Of course, sending out a letter in which one’s opponents are belittled and otherwise made to look like fools may not help much. Then again, I’m sure Mr. Begala and friends are just looking out for the “small people.”

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