Civil Rights vs Responsibilities

I wonder how many people understand that a civil right is one assigned by law, as opposed to a natural or universal right (which exists regardless of law)? I wonder how many understand that the term “civil rights” has come to mean so much that is not true–particularly under the current federal administration? La Shawn Barber takes it from the top:

Those days [employment, schooling and voting restrictions because of being black] seem quaint now. If anything negative happens to you (preferred minorities only) in 2010, as a consequence of your performance, behavior, and choices, it’s a civil rights violation. Denied a job because you scored too low on an employment test? Civil rights violation. Expelled from school because you’re an habitually bad boy who starts fights, despite expulsion warnings? Civil rights violation.

Go read it all. Then make sure you are teaching your children the the life-long benefits of being responsible for one’s own actions–regardless of what others might or might not do.