Christie Reform Lacks Substance?

I’ve been glad to follow New Jersey’s new governor as he said good, tax-saving, job-supporting things. Now, I see that I should be digging a bit deeper:

Let’s start with by comparing Christie’s FY 2011 $29.3 billion budget to Corzine’s FY 2010 budget of 29.8 billion. Given today’s economic climate, a 1.5% cut is not one that deserves immense praise. However, for a second I thought, “spending cuts are spending cuts and better that than nothing.”

That’s until I came across the alternative budget prepared by Americans for Prosperity called New Jersey Taxpayers’ Budget FY 2011. The AFP budget adds up to $25.9 billion. That’s $2.4 billion less than what is proposed by Governor Christie. Plus, they did this, without raising taxes. Unlike Christie’s budget.

That’s right, as part of a compromise on the budget, Christie made a deal with Democrats: he will put back millions into his budget (to buy things such as keeping open Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital in Hunterdon County, funding for cultural sites including the Battleship New Jersey and the Newark Museum, more funding for projects in Urban Enterprise Zones) in exchange for  a series of new tax and fee hikes are being put forward as supplemental bills.

So, has he only been talking a good game? Again, it is hard to know from a single article. Go read the piece and see what you think. I’m reserving judgment until I can do some more research. However, the author of the article is correct. If a governor makes poor decisions in his governance, he should be criticized by conservatives–regardless of his political party.

Via reader Phil M.