But What Did They Do?

Among other things, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the upcoming primaries. The thing that keeps coming to mind is that politicians are apt to make promises which do not conform with their histories.

I am reminded of the phrase on the bottom of a fund prospectus, which goes something like this: “Past performance is no guarantee of future results . . . . .” The same statement can be applied to politicians, but I believe that politicians are probably less likely to change than your average mutual fund. A politician may appear to change quite a bit over a 40-60 year career, but was it change or simply the outgrowth of who the person was all along?

All of this to say that we should be paying far less attention to what each of the people running is telling us they will be doing if we give them power and instead be scrutinizing what they have done with the power they currently possess/possessed. In the case of individuals who have not held prior public office this examination may prove challenging, but a person’s behavior in any position of authority is a more accurate indicator of the direction he or she will head than the statements which that person makes for campaign commercials.

I hope to expand on this thinking with regard to the slate of candidates for representative and governor over the next several days.