Bill Whittle on Gun Rights

Mr. Whittle bends his thoughts towards the Second Amendment in the following video–what it means, what it costs, and what it would mean if we did not have the right which it recognizes. This is part 5 of the series in which he attempts to explain what conservative Tea Party types believe and why we believe it.

2 thoughts on “Bill Whittle on Gun Rights

  1. Mr. Whittle has a grasp of the US Constitution that I wish we could impart to many of our elected leaders. I do dispute his figures regarding 11,000 tragic deaths each year from hand guns. Gang on gang violence accounts for nearly 50% of shooting homicides in the US and even higher in many urban areas like Washington, DC. Obviously, the problem is not guns but criminals, and if criminals wish to thin their ranks a bit by killing each other, well… perhaps this is a Malthusian solution that we should accept.

    1. Dr. Theo,

      Indeed, he does have a good grasp on the Constitution.

      I think his 11k number was used to get away from trying to delineate “good” and “bad” deaths from guns. By setting it up as he did, he avoids the secondary argument and focuses on his main message.

      The problem with letting criminals kill each other is that non-criminals are often hurt in the exchange. Criminals, by definition, tend to not care about ensuring that they only damage others of like inclinations.

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