Argument within Islam is Based on Means, Not End

The author of a new book: The Grand Jihad, provides a quick overview of it. The author is Andrew McCarthy, who was one of those responsible for prosecuting the man behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. I found the overview interesting, but the following portion of it jumped off the page:

There is a vibrant debate in the Muslim world about terrorism. We need to understand, though, that it is a debate about methodology. Islamist terrorists and other Islamists are in harmony about the endgame: they would like to see sharia installed and the West Islamicized. That a person is not willing to mass-murder non-Muslims in order to accelerate that process does not make him a moderate.

Once again pointing out the just because you and I (and someone else) use the same term does not mean that we all ascribe similar meaning to it.

Please go read the entire piece to get the full context.