Another Thune Tie for Noem?

Kristi Noem has just picked her chief of staff to be:

Noem announced Thursday that Jordan Stoick (STOY’-ick) will manage the process of setting up her offices in South Dakota and Washington, D.C. before assuming the role of chief of staff after Noem is sworn in on Jan. 5.

Stoick, a Mobridge native, is currently vice president of a Washington, D.C. public relations firm.

What the article does not say, however, is that Stoick apparently did work for Thune (or at least his campaign) back in 2002, a slight difference to what Mount Blogmore is stating.

So, she’s got a native South Dakotan who knows his way around DC. We’ll need to wait and see what this means, but initial reaction is that it is a safe though not exciting pick.

3 thoughts on “Another Thune Tie for Noem?

  1. I’d like to see some separation from Kristi and Thune. If she is like Thune it means she will be a “do nothing” rep. She will climb the political insider latter but the world will be the same in 10 years when she leaves DC.

    I’d like to see her be a Chris Christie!

    1. Tom,

      You make a good point. A Chris Christie or Michelle Bachmann would not be a poor role model.

      I would not say that Thune has been a “do nothing” person, but he seems to be more concerned with possible political futures than is appropriate.

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