Alvin Greene is Free of Logic

I regret to say that my home state of South Carolina will apparently have Mr. Greene on the ticket for senator this fall. In his defense, he is probably saying the things that many of his compatriots believe–but have the good sense to not state unequivocally in public.

Here’s a sample:

I will break up the big banks. I will put them out in the street, just as they want to put you out in the street. Those bankers who committed fraud will do hard time.

I will stop debt collectors from calling you. I will make it illegal for a company to sell a debt you have for purposes of collection. You and your family have dignity: you are not cattle to be sold back and forth in the debt marketplace. You know how horrible it is to have those vampires calling you, again and again and again.

I will shut down payday lenders who are sucking you dry.

In America, if you lose your job, and you get sick, you go broke or you die. This happens in no other civilised country. The stories that socialised medicine does not work are lies. Pick your system – Austria, Britain or Canada – but we must have universal health insurance. Healthcare, for free, for everyone.

Mr. Greene, I salute your honesty and your lack of logic. While it is probably not unusual, it is briskly refreshing in a Hugo Chavez fashion. Unlike Mr. Chavez, however, it is likely that you speak from personal experience. I am saddened to hear what has happened to you, but would wager that a majority of your problems arose from your personal choices. You see, it’s not about what other people do, or don’t do, to us–it’s about how we handle what happens.

3 thoughts on “Alvin Greene is Free of Logic

  1. Mr. Greene isn’t my candidate. However, separate the above statements from any particular individual, and I find them mostly logical. Banker who commit fraud should do hard time. Debt collectors should be reined in. Socialized medicine is a superior model (although it’s not free: we all pay for it with our taxes… and could get the same coverage for less than we pay in private insurance premiums).

    1. CAH,

      How does breaking up big banks supports the idea of bankers who commit fraud? I saw those two statements as a single thought. (For the record, I believe bankers who commit fraud should not do any time–they should have to pay back the defrauded amount 2 or 3 times over).

      Debt collectors should be reined in? If someone has failed to meet legally contracted debt obligations, why should not those who own the debt seek repayment? How else would one expect to be paid unless one continually reminded the recalcitrant debtor of the responsibility? We probably wouldn’t have the issue of the persistent debt collector if so many people didn’t try to duck their obligations.

      Socialized medicine is a superior model? It may be a terrific theoretical concept (if humans were naturally unselfish, for instance). I’m sorry, but you know exactly what I think of that. The horrible abuses and failures of the British national health care system come to mind as an example of just why socialized medicine is not better.

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