A Lull in Wind Power or More?

From the journalists at ABC:

Knight & Carver Wind Group Inc. is laying off 16 of the Howard [South Dakota] plant’s 55 workers this week, and the firm might temporarily close the plant in about a month, said Gary Kanaby, a company vice president in San Diego.

The company, which has operated in Howard for about three years, is having to slow down production to deal with a lull in the wind energy industry. More layoffs could be possible if the situation doesn’t improve, Kanaby said.

“We are committed to this community and we’re not picking up our bags and leaving,” he said. “It just looks like we’re probably are going to close it for a little while.”

It is entirely too soon to know for certain, but it may be that investors are growing somewhat skittish about the future of wind power–given the marked difference between the hype and the reality.

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