A Happy New Year to You All

//**Above photo is CC by Javier Ignacio Acuña Ditzel at http://www.flickr.com/people/70154861@N00**//

First, I’d like say thank you to all the folks who have made this possible (oh, wait, sorry, thought this was an award program. Must be the drugs.) Seriously, though, I am thankful for my regular and irregular readers. To the second group, allow me to say that I do indeed feel your pain. To the first group, no, saying that does not in any way align me with Bill Clinton.

2010 has been quite a year for politics, which is the meat and potatoes of this particular shelf in your electronic library. I confess to being regularly overwhelmed–and going from “I’ve got 20 things to write about” to “Oh boy. It’s coming so fast I don’t know what to write about” at least once or twice a week throughout the year.

Perhaps surprisingly to some of you, writing for this site is much like writing a book or anything else–it is sometimes very easy to do and oftentimes real work of the “must keep going no matter” variety.

Having now written my Morning Shots every Monday – Friday for an entire year, I am ambivalent about whether to continue them. On the one hand, doing so forces me to survey the state of the state (South Dakota) first thing every morning. On the other hand, it gives me any easy out some days since I’ve promised myself and others that I will write at least one post per day (excepting Sundays). Of late, I have been working with a new client who consumes my day. This has meant that posting has been quite sparse, outside of the aforementioned Morning Shots.

I do like the Evening Echoes–though I’ve done very few of them. However, I do not see my role as that of a magaziner or simple lister of links. Al Gore knows that the internet has plenty of both of those. What I would like to do is to provide regular, useful, enlightening, material.

I just received official word from Amazon that I did not make comission in December (or any of the previous months this year) for referring customers to them. Since that is the only advertising I’ve been using this year, it means I’m officially in the hole for the year. I don’t even want to consider how much I might have made had I spent the time at, say, $5hr that I did throwing words onto the interwebs. I do not say this to complain, but rather to point out that I am a capitalist at heart and would like my venture to be profitable. With that said, I do find it profitable in other ways and trust that many of you do likewise. Nonetheless, I will continue to seek out ways to increase the profitability of my writing.
With the introduction of the 6th member of our household, I’ve picked up certain additional duties and will probably hold them for the indefinite future. However, if I do what I say others should do and spend my time wisely, I should continue to be the bearer of news via this space for the fresh, exciting and, yes, somewhat frightening year that is 2011.

See you all next year. Until then, party responsibly and stay warm.