A Fair Approach?

Not too long ago, I had a few thoughts on part of Paine’s Common Sense which included delving into just how many people are represented by a single member of the US House of Representatives today vs in 1790. Now, someone is looking at related matters and wondering what the US would look like if the 50 states each had roughly the same population (so as to balance out the electoral college once again).

Here’s the skinny, but you should go to the source to get more information:

On a scale of probability, this is little more than an interesting exercise for cartophiles, but it does show the remarkable disparities in population.

2 thoughts on “A Fair Approach?

  1. Fascinating map! Indeed, all academic fantasy, but still diverting to imagine what cultural differences might arise if we realigned those borders, or if such borders had been established in the first place. Among other things, I’d have to expand my blog coverage to Billings and Des Moines!

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