A Call to Principle

Dan Riehl has some pertinent advice for those of us who would let our emotions get in the way of good governance:

[G]iven that our backs are genuinely against the wall of a rush toward European socialism thanks to Obama, no matter what you may think, put principles over personalities and always do, or support, the right thing for conservatism, no matter what you may think. By principle, I mean the principles a candidate is pledged to holding to if elected, not any alleged principle in and around a fight that provided cover for some weaker types out here to cut and run on O’Donnell at crunch time, just as they cut and ran on the fight with John McCain.

One can always, and will often be wrong basing their decisions on personalities, friendships, business relationships, or a political calculus which includes the notion that someone else who has disappointed you politically will eventually do the right thing if so empowered. It’s that kind of highfalutin calculating that has brought America to the brink of bankruptcy and conservatism to a marginalized status inside DC.

Look inside for your own principles, not your best judgment, guide by them and get in the fight. Even if you lose, you will sleep well at night.

If more of us, whether the voters or the voted, were more concerned with principles than with personality or hanging on to power, we would go far in the right direction. Murkowski and Crist are two examples of those elected officials who are not principled. When it appeared they were not going to win according to the rules of their primaries, they decided to change the rules (or go where the rules were different).

Electability (however that is determined) is important, but it is not more important than principle. Communications skills are important, but not more important than principle.

We should be supporting people to represent us at every level of government, not because they are perfect (no one is) or because their imperfections are the same as ours (also poor selection criteria), but rather because when all of the superficial matters are peeled away, these representatives subscribe to the principles which underwrote the launch of this nation more than 200 years ago.


Another writer, same conclusion:

we’d vote for an alien from Area 51 in the current election if it could be counted on to oppose Obamacare, oppose cap-and-trade, keep taxes low, enforce the borders, not take away traditional American freedoms and values, and undo the asinine economic policies that are killing this nation. In any event, the GOP is in for a penny with its candidate, so it might as well be in for a pound and stop the bellyaching. Who knows what’s going to happen in November?

Well said.