A Brief Daschle Truth

We interrupt your election day excitement for a bit of a blast from the past:

“I’m confident that once the American people drill down and look at the previsions in health care [reform], they’re going to be, they’re going to be as continued as supportive as they are right now. But, we got to make sure that happens. We’ve got to make sure we know what’s in the bill before we start talking about repealing or changing it in any dramatic way.” [emphasis added]

I believe Tom Daschle is exactly right, but he doesn’t realize just how. We have now (no thanks to those who pushed this through without anything approaching the legislative equivalent of due diligence) had time to “drill down and look at provisions” in the bill. We will continue to be as supportive (well, negatively speaking) as before. In fact, if anything, our levels of negative supportiveness will be likely to increase. So, let’s eviscerate this misbegotten chimera and see just what is in it.

Thank you, sir. We have missed your out-of-touch perspective of things.