You Killed My Father, Prepare to Die

OK, the line is from the movie whose name we’ll not mention. The name was prompted by an article with largely the same name. The author lost his father to a preventable infection and did some digging into the topic of health care in these United States as a result. There is much to agree (and disagree) with in the article, but the following piece struck me:

For fun, let’s imagine confiscating all the profits of all the famously greedy health-insurance companies. That would pay for four days of health care for all Americans. Let’s add in the profits of the 10 biggest rapacious U.S. drug companies. Another 7 days. Indeed, confiscating all the profits of all American companies, in every industry, wouldn’t cover even five months of our health-care expenses.

All the profits from the “greedy” and the “rapacious” would only cover 11 days of a year’s health care costs. Wow. Maybe taxing the rich won’t get us out of the situation we we currently find ourselves enduring?

Please do read the entire article. You’ll find something worth your time there.