2 thoughts on “WWI and Frank Buckles

  1. January 28, 2009, Mr.’s. Don Alsbro, Dan Stice, Dale Hemphill, Jim Heyn and Gust Anton; 5 Veterans of Berrien County Michigan of the “Lest We Forget ” program here in Berrien County; arrived 2 days before his 108th birthday. We presented a flag pole to Mr. Buckles which we cemented into the ground that would hold the American Flag. The new flag had been flown over the White House and a Spirit Flag which was designed and made by Dale Hemphill, flys below the American Flag. They were presented to Mr. Frank Buckles for his prestigious birthday with full Color Guard from the American Legion on the following Day. We were our accompanied by photographer, Ken McKeown and Mr.Robert Heft who is the designer of our present 50 star flag which brought Alaska and Hawaii into the Union. Mr. Buckles was a perfect host who was very capable of handling the many guests who were present giving everyone a few moments of his precious time.
    His sincerity and good humor were unbelievable; he was so very alert and kind to all. I wouldn’t have missed this occasionfor all the tea in China.

  2. Mr. Anton,

    I thank you for your report on the honor paid to Mr. Buckles for his service and am glad you and your fellow veterans were able to do this for him.

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