Wrapping Up Flight 297 For Now

Information about the flight which I covered previously (the former diver’s story) is now shown to be demonstrably false, seeing that the person was not actually on the flight in question. Baldilocks has the latest, and closes with the following:

Something happened on that plane and it’s too bad that one person’s fantasy life may interfere with the whole truth getting out.  But there will be more like these.  Count on it.

Getting to the truth is often not a simple task. I’m glad to find out that more people were able to check into this story. It would still be nice to know exactly what did happen (or didn’t happen). Perhaps in time we’ll find out.

To any who were misled by my writing about it, you have my apologies. I fully understand that I’ll not always get it right, but I will correct the record, in those cases, as soon as I know more information.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Flight 297 For Now

  1. Thank you for the retraction… although Baldilocks’s final word seems a weak attempt to sustain the momentum he wishes the false story could still propel. The one person supporting the thesis that there was much more to the story has been proven false; why cling to the narrative?

    1. The diver was one of two people (at least) who were claiming there was more to the story. I had noted earlier that the diver’s narrative was not matching up with that from the chaplain.

      To my knowledge, no one has show any falsehood in the information provided by the second person (the chaplain). Therefore, I still would like to see more information to determine what actually occurred.

      If you had followed the link to Baldilock’s entire piece, you would have a better context for her closing remarks.

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