Woman Chooses Croc over Husband

From the files of the very, very sad:

A mother-of-one chose a crocodile over her husband after he gave her an ultimatum in a desperate attempt to save their marriage.

You or the crocodile? I’ll take the croc, thank you.

She claims the reptile is like another child. So when her husband Greg forced her to choose between Johnie and him, the choice – to her – seemed obvious.


In 2005 the couple divorced after a lengthy separation.

‘Husbands can look after themselves but my crocodile can’t make his meals,’ she reasoned.

Marvelous logic there. Of course, this remarkable logic goes on to support the following:

‘I was a volunteer with an animal charity and he would come out on rescues and try and help.

‘But he always felt like he was second best. He thought the animals meant more to me than him, but that wasn┬╣t the case, they were just equal.

‘In the end he couldn’t handle his emotions and I wouldn’t give up my animals.

‘I chose my crocodile over my husband. We sold our place and went our separate ways. It’s a real shame, but it happened.’

Seems as though the husband was right. He was second best (no matter his wife’s protestations of equality to the contrary).

Animals have their place but when they displace humans, as happened here, then things go awry.

4 thoughts on “Woman Chooses Croc over Husband

  1. My guess is she also voted for Obama.

    Obama’s constitutional advisor, Laurence Tribe, is working as we speak to see that Cass Sunstein’s dream of animals being able to sue humans in our court of laws is realized before their reign of power ends or before ambivalent Americans finally wake up to the truth. In my research of Tribe, I was surprised, but not blown away to learn of Tribe’s radical views. It is no wonder he shocked the legal world when he announced in 2005 that he was dumping his 2nd writing of his 3rd commentaries on the constitution. According to Tribe, there became a “fork in the road” and he obviously has taken the path to help further socialism & the destruction of our Republic. After all, as Tribe says, the Constitution is an invisible document waiting for them to bring it into the 21st century.

    If you haven’t checked into this constitutional advisor of Obama since 2005 you should.

    1. Linda,

      I doubt she voted for the President (since I believe she’s British).

      Yes, Professor Tribe is quite the liberal lawyer. I trust that Americans will wake up and understand that when we elevate animals to the level of humanity, we are willing doing away with that which makes us distinctly human.

  2. I wonder if she will ever regret this decision. I think there was more to this story than we were told. They must not have had much of a marriage if she could think feeding a crocodile was more worthwhile. (Was the croc handicapped in some way? I thought crocodiles were pretty adept at feeding themselves.)

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