Why, Senator Johnson?

In a brief article at KELO, Senator Johnson puts his support behind greater government interference with you and me:

Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota says any bill aimed at reducing global warming must treat all regions of the nation fairly.

Why, sir? Why should all regions be treated fairly? What is government doing in the business of attempted weather modification? What happened to the concept that a government should be just, rather than fair?

The Democratic senator said a climate bill also must expand the use of renewable fuels and promote the production of electricity by wind turbines.

Why should we continue to spend taxpayer’s dollars for things which over decades of subsidies have shown that they cannot exist on their own?

I am deeply concerned that our elected officials, including the good senator, are perfectly happy to speak in the moral imperative, yet find no issue with assuming authority which does not pertain to them on matters near and far.

2 thoughts on “Why, Senator Johnson?

  1. On treating all regions fairly, he may have been referring to some Pelosi favors to California supporters that would have skewed the carbon credits formula to shift money from Midwestern power coops (i.e., your pockets and mine) to big coastal utilities. At least that’s my interpretation from a conversation a friend in the power coops.

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