What’s Going On

To those who check this space on a regular basis, I would like to say that the last few weeks have been a bit on the light side (as far as new material goes). The original paucity of posting arose from a trip I took with my family to see the members of our collective families who happen to live a half a continent away.

Then, the day we returned from that 4200-mile adventure, I was given a gift by one of my daughters. Considering that it was apparently the swine flu, I should (in retrospect) have turned it down. That one knocked me for a loop, though the rest of the family seemed to weather it much better than I. First time I’ve ever had a flu and largely kept my appetite.

Once the fever finally left me with some of my pre-fall strength, I realized that my sinuses had apparently colluded with the flu to ensure that the excitement would continue in its absence. I’m glad to say that I’m now about halfway through a regimen with my good friend Amoxicillin and looking for the end of this particular part of the journey.

In addition to to all of this, my remaining grandfather passed away about the time the swine flu had run its course. It has a been quite a draining few weeks–but I trust that I’ll be back to full strength (and full programming) soon.

Thanks for hanging in there.