What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Typically, the month of August is a quiet one for our U.S. Senators and Representatives.  In years past our elected officials have used the month of August to escape the heat of Washington and return to their home districts.  This year there is no escape.  Although they are removed from the sweltering temperatures of the mid-Atlantic region,  Representatives and Senators are instead feeling the political heat of their constituents.

Across the country citizens unhappy with the Democrat’s plans to implement “Obamacare” are turning out at town halls and congressional offices to vocally express their opposition to health care reform.

Unfamiliar with such resistance the Democratic party is nervous.  As Pat Powers notes, the Democrats are mobilizing their operatives in an attempt to diffuse the public outcry.  The Democrats are arming their legions with a list of talking points meant to explain away the protestors as paid minions who are being fed lies under the control of “out-of-district special-interest groups and insurance companies”.

Glenn Reynolds, the King of all Blogging Media, writing in the Washington Examiner discusses the Democrats’ response to the protesters.  After laying a number of examples, he summarizes the hypocrisy of the Democrats by saying:

Funny how fast the worm — or maybe it’s the pitchfork — has turned. Now that we’re seeing genuine expressions of populist discontent, not put together by establishment packagers on behalf of an Officially Sanctioned Aggrieved Group, we’re suddenly hearing complaints of “mob rule” and demands for civility.

Professor Reynolds follows up with some advice:

Whether they like it or not — and the evidence increasingly tends toward “not” — President Obama and his handlers need to accept that this is a free country, one where expressions of popular discontent take place outside the electoral process, and always have.  (Remember Martin Luther King?)

How have South Dakota’s own Democratic Senator and Representative responded to the public’s outcry?  Well, they have yet to hold a public forum with their constituents.  Senator Johnson is AWOL, and as Mr. Powers has pointed out, Representative Herseth Sandlin isn’t exactly making herself widely available.  They have, therefore, yet to encounter for themselves the population’s unease with the events unfolding in Washington.

To our own Democratic Senator and Representative, I echo Professor Reynold’s advice: let the people speak out.  I would also advise against believing the Democrat talking points.  If Mr. Johnson or Ms. Herseth Sandlin fail to do either, they will likely find themselves out of a job after their next respective elections.