2 thoughts on “What is the United States’ Credit Score?

  1. If i went to the bank to borrow one trillion dollars with a 620 score i would be laughed out of the building.China,Japan and other nations are about to cut Obamas line of credit.But that wont be a problem for a high stepper like Obama,he will just start up the presses and print another trillion or too.Of course that will drive the worthless dollar to new lows ,but not to worry the liberal congress can pass another stimulas package and save the country again. What stupidity comeing from men who are supposed to be educated,smart men.We have got to replace these idiots in 2010 or we wont have a country left.

    1. If you went to borrow $100k, such a score would be an issue. We are indeed living in perilous times (financially speaking). Unfortunately, we did not get here overnight and we’ll not get back on sound footing without successive years of better monetary policy.

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