What I’m Reading: Token Conservative

He can be found working diligently at his eponymous website: Token Conservative. Physically located in California, this blogger will provide you with a perspective on matters which is found in that region about as often as a 42-oz steak, medium rare, with a side of deep-fried Hostess Twinkies.

As an example of what you’ll get, he covered tires and tariffs as well as Ted Kennedy and the Soviet Union–and he did that all just yesterday.

Since the Token Conservative’s alter ego is Law Professor Joerg Knipprath, news is often discussed from a legal point of view. The site is simple but the logic is welcome. If you value thoughtful, practical thinking on policy issues large and small, try the professor’s place out for a week or two–I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked. If not, please contact me and I’ll refund your subscription fees–no questions asked.