USPS Plus IRS and Call Me in The Morning

While there are somethings which both the United States Postal Service and the Internal Revenue Service do well, saving money while providing excellent customer service probably didn’t make the list. Ms. Liebau puts it so well:

A government bureaucracy controlling your medical care is likely to combine the efficiency of the post office with the compassion of the IRS. Imagine a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles — but to secure lifesaving treatment for yourself, a spouse or child, rather than simply to obtain a driver’s license. What a nightmare.

For information on the “45 million without health care insurance” check out Mr Larry Elders:

Do we allow a complete government takeover of the section of health care it doesn’t already run, for 10-15 million or so without health insurance on a persistent basis? Again, 255 million Americans already have it. Many millions more could get it if they wanted to. And 89 percent of Americans are satisfied with the care they now receive.

I wish his question were rhetorical (in a real sense). Since it isn’t, let’s answer it in the negative and go from there, shall we?