US Postal Service Holds Reverse Lottery

Word is that the US Post Office lost $3,800,000,000 in FY 2009. Based on the latest numbers I could find (from June 30 of this year) that is a loss of just over $6100 per employee. Further, we are told that this was true even though the men and women in blue worked fewer hours to compensate for less mail. Did I mention that:

The loss would have been worse except for legislation which allowed the agency to postpone the recognition of billions of dollars in prefunded retiree health benefit payments.

So, the loss might have been $12,000 or greater per person except they will take the hit for half of that next year. Of course, no money was actually lost since this is a taxpayer underwritten enterprise.

Via Jammie Wearing Fool (who does a better job of the numbers than I do)