Tough on What?

Of all the things to be excited about, the height of one’s grass does not immediately pop to mind. Well, it doesn’t for me. It apparently does for the city of Tea, SD:

5 thoughts on “Tough on What?

  1. You have to remember, though, that once all the bureaucrats involved get paid for handling this issue, that’s probably not a bad price.

    Have to remember government “efficiencies” here. Government can do anything the private sector can…it just costs 10 times as much for 1/5 the quality of workmanship.

  2. Bob: I suppose it’s a good thing to create jobs

    CAH: Further research would be needed to determine if vegetables and prairie grass growing in town would add up to more jobs than domesticated grass at prescribed maximum heights.

  3. Doesn’t this make us glad we live in towns without curbs and gutters? Our city council (Freeman) is now going to be cutting out half of their meetings just because there’s really no reason to meet as often. Better that than spending their idle time becoming a public nuisance. Tea was probably a nice town to live in 15 years ago. I’m glad that I live far enough from SF to hopefully avoid the bureaucratic influences.

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