Thune Against Government Ownership of Business

It’s nice to see Senator Thune making it very clear that he believes the best thing we can do now is get out of the business of business:

Thune introduced new legislation Thursday, calling for a July 2010 deadline for the government to sell its stakes in companies purchased with federal bailout funds.
“We need an exit strategy,” Thune said. “The federal government needs to have a plan for getting out of the ownership of the private economy. If we allow this to continue to be open ended, it could go on indefinitely into the future.”

One wonders if (as one might see it) this might be construed as calling President Obama’s bluff. I say this because it would seem very much in line with the current administration’s direction to date to continue getting into more areas of business–not fewer. Of courrse, this (taking over business in the name of stabilizing the economy) is all being done to save America and help the poor confused taxpayer.