The Cold, Hard Facts

If you have read the stories of royalty in time gone by, particularly European royalty, you are aware of the conspicuous consumption which marked gatherings of such peoples for hundreds of years. Indeed, it was that very wastefulness which led directly to the rise of republican feeling in France. Well, the old royalty is gone, but the Carbon Royalty are back–hanging out with each other in Copenhagen right now. It is even worse than all that, as noted below:

Imagine an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where all the members showed up drunk and with extra cases of wine, beer, and booze to keep them happy. Now imagine that that same group of drunks was empowered to make trillions of dollars worth of economic decisions for everybody in the world. This absurd scenario swiftly summarizes the United Nations Climate Change Conference beginning today, and lasting through December 18, in Copenhagen.

[From the Heritage Foundation via Patriot Post]

Others have noted the numbers: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes, etc. This get-together is not properly interested in slowing/stopping AGW (though they are offsetting all of their conspicuous carbon consumption by building some special ovens/kilns in Bangladesh, if I remember correctly). Why even have the offset? Why not save all of the money and carbon that this event is costing and use the internet to hook everybody together from all around the world? Wouldn’t that show a sense of solidarity and togetherness (and even make it simpler for non-Carbon Royalty to attend and participate)?

Those of us who believe that human beings are soulful creations, and that the world was indeed created for our benefit, are mocked by those who claim that we are entirely too human-centric in our view of matters, that obviously humans are just one of many animals and that we have a responsibility to live in harmony with all nature, etc. But who is considering humans as both being capable of destroying the planet (through AGW) as well as saving the same (through cap & trade, carbon sequestration, etc)? Who has elevated humanity to the position of controllers of the fate of the world?

Despite the advances in testable science over the last 100 plus years, we are still learning remarkable things about our planet. We are told (not infrequently) that we have finite reserves of fossil-fuels, only to find out a few weeks, months or years later that we do indeed have finite reserves, but that (based on new discoveries) they just doubled or tripled or quadrupled. Since our planet is finite, it is highly likely that there is a limit to fossil fuel deposits. At the same time, when one considers how much of our undersea crust has yet to be explored, we would be foolish to assume that we know what that limit is.

Further, despite advances in measuring temperatures, pressures, etc we regularly fail to factor in all of the variables which come to bear. Everyone knows that the 3-day forecast is pretty close, the 5-day is iffy and the 10-day is a roll of the dice (particularly at this time of year in the Dakotas, brrrr). And, when we build computer models so we can retroactively forecast (if such is possible) the climate of the last 20 or 50 or 100 years, we don’t get it right.

The thousands of Carbon Royalty who are currently dialoguing in Copenhagen are not interested in saving the planet (though there may be a few honest exceptions to that). No, they are interested in saving their jobs and reputations as well as ensuring that their political power continues to grow, allowing them more and more control over the everyday lives of the rest of us plebeians.

Those who claim that this summit is focused on energy and the future are close. The real agenda is power and the present.

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