Still They Fight

Here in the US, we are struggling to keep such misguided legislation as Cap and Trade, Card Check, and Public Option Health Care from becoming brutal reality. It is important that we do this, for us, for our children, for the future.

Meanwhile, Michael Yon and the soldiers whose lives he chronicles are keeping up the daily life and death struggle in Afghanistan. Following is brief excerpt from his latest dispatch:

Shops on this very street sold fertilizer used to make bombs.  They might as well have sold dynamite.  (The fertilizer also happened to be good for growing opium.)  The bombs regularly blow the limbs off troops around Afghanistan.  Soldiers may lose their legs, or their legs and an arm and their eyesight, or worse.  But what can we do, really?

Go and read the article. Help Michael out with a donation if you are able. Support someone who does his best to let those of us not on the battlefield know the truth of what is happening half a world away.