South Dakota Public Employment Numbers

Yesterday, I addressed some fun numbers for California with reference to public employees and unemployment and the like. Today, I’d like to see what the corresponding numbers are for South Dakota.

As before, numbers for employment are for 2007 from the US Census Burea estimates.

In 2007, South Dakota had the following:

Running through the same calculations as previously, we have a non-military labor force which is about 55% of the state’s population (a bit higher than CA, but not by much). We also have about 106,000 state and local FTEs.

Comparing those numbers, as before, we have 13% of the state’s population engaged in paid government service at the state and local levels. This does not include volunteers (seen in many a small town), military and federal employees. However, even without including those groups, nearly one in seven South Dakotans are working for Aunt Pierre, Cousin Brookings, or some other member of the family.

Of course, South Dakota’s unemployment is currently low (4.8%) as compared w/California’s, but it would appear that as a percentage of the population, we are actually more dependent on government jobs than our friends on the balmy (and sometimes barmy) West Coast.

Nor are we looking at the huge state budget deficit (in part because we don’t spend very much by comparison and we already got “bailed out” with the stimulus package).

One sometimes learns rather interesting things by looking at the numbers, doesn’t one?