Something’s Happening Here…

…unlike like the song, it is perfectly clear. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the massive 9/12 Tea Party Protests taking place today in Washington DC and around the country.

Vodkapundit, Stephen Green, is rounding up the coverage from DC, and Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, is providing updates from Qunicy, Illinois.

In DC, the crowd is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands (some say as high as 2 million)!  As Stephen Green’s coverage proves Americans are tired of what the political class is foisting on us and they are letting the politicians know it.  The discontent isn’t from an obscure group of extremists or from paid corporate lackeys.  The anger is real.  And, the anger is pervasive throughout the country.

Witness a video of the DC protest from Ed Frank:

Expect the media to ignore it.  Expect Obama and the Democratic leadership to play it down.  But, don’t expect these Americans to give up.

Popular sentiment has solidified against the attempts at inserting the federal government into every aspect of our lives.  Once complacent Americans are now speaking out, and against, the encroachment of government into their private lives.

The politicians in office can either take heed and reasses their priorities, or ignore their constituents and find themselves out of a job next November.  Either way, CHANGE is coming.

12 thoughts on “Something’s Happening Here…

  1. I saw this elsewhere, apparently it’s millions of people. I think it’s great, democracy in action, the people are finally starting to demand their belligerent servants actually obey them.

  2. Dear Husband and I find the numbers astonishing… Protests about war easily draw large crowds because, well, who is FOR war to begin with? But this many people protesting a domestic agenda? THAT is fascinating.


  3. Actually, I heard that the figures that have been quoted about there being a million or so people there were wrong. But it took awhile for the correct info to get out there so the million people figure was spread pretty quickly among blogs. The estimate I heard was 60,000-70,000 people, which is still a lot.

    And I agree with you that there are a lot of conservatives out there who are angry right now. They’re angry that they lost the last election and that elections have consequences. I mean, of course a Democratic president and a Democratic controlled Congress is going to support liberal policies. What did you guys think would happen? Personally, I don’t think these Tea Party events represent a majority of the people in this country. They are part of the conservative minority. It’s great that they’re speaking out against policies they don’t like, but I think saying they represent a huge majority in America is stretching it.

    1. Haggs,

      The crowd was not comprised of conservatives alone. The tone was a libertarian one of freedom from government overreach. Libertarian and conservative principles aren’t mutually exclusive, but one doesn’t completely incorporate the other, either. People from all across the political spectrum hold dear libertarian principles.

      I disagree that this protest was about unhappiness with the results of a past election. This protest was about unhappiness with the growth of government being promoted by the politicians currently in power. I believe this unhappiness is coming from all over, not just the Republican party.

      Like I mentioned in my post the politicians currently in power, from both parties I might add, better be paying attention or they will find themselves without a job come January 2011.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. That may be the message you guys want to convey, but I’m not sure that’s the message that’s getting out there. What it looks like to a lot of us are angry conservatives who don’t like President Obama and use awful signs like “Bury Obamacare With Kennedy” and stuff like that. The message of “smaller government is better” is being lost is the cries of socialism and all the conspiracy theories.

        The arguement for a smaller government is one that would personally appeal to me (though I’m sure we’d disagree on what the government should and should not be doing). But I think the Tea Party movement’s message is too scattered right now to get average Americans to understand what you’re talking about.

        1. “Smaller government is better” and “cries of socialism” are not incompatible since socialistic governments are invariably the ones which turn more and more of the wage-earners into government employees. As for conspiracy theories, they are attractive to people across the political spectrum (and particularly attractive as the topics of newspersons who are looking for ratings).

          The Tea Party movement is comprised of a quite a number (we can disagree on the number) of those very same average Americans. I think that seem to encourage the spread of understanding of the things we are talking about.

          1. Hello all,
            @ Haggs: I’m not sure which of your claims I’m supposed to take in to make me feel better.
            In total, you’ve:
            1. Mitigated credibility on the size of the crowd;
            2. Linked this protest to “conservative minorities,” who may or may not be “angry” about the last election;
            3. and linked this “tea party” spirit to CC’s authors (“That may be the message you guys want to convey, but I’m not sure that’s the message that’s getting out there.”)

            I don’t think that you have a legitimate point about the protests not getting the correct message “out there.” I hadn’t even heard about this 9/12 protest, and there they are – How many should I say, more than two? – protesting in the D.C. streets. I understood the sentiment immediately: the federal government is engaged in too much spending. These are tea parties hung over from the April Tax Day Tea Parties, and the word “tax” pretty much gives it away.

            Still, I’m glad to see that you are also not pleased with the federal government’s spending, and you’re welcome to join me the next time I go out marching.

            Keep it up, CC.

  4. I hate to say this, but the picture is definitely NOT the 9/12 rally. It shows crowds filling the grassy area of the Mall, and this is not what transpired. I was there, sitting in the handicap section which was up the hill and to the left of the stage. From my vantagepoint, I had a panoramic view. What a magnificent sight it was. I personally believe there were, at a minimum, several hundreds of thousands of folks in attendance.

    The west, south and north lawns of the Capitol were packed. Crowds were packed on Pennsylvania Ave for several blocks throughout the festivities. The crowd was told that the permit extended to only half of the grassy area of the Mall, and that was packed. (Supposedly, there was another group who had a permit for the other half of the Mall, but no one every materialized) Folks who were on the grass at the non-permitted part of the Mall moved to the wide (probably 15-20 feet wide) gravel walkways, and those were packed on both sides to about 3/4 of the mall. There were folks packed down 2 side streets off of the Mall to the south.

    When people left, there was no trash left. Most of the trash cans along Pennsylvania Ave and other exit routes were full of trash from attendees, but attendees made sure that discarded signs and large items were placed in piles beside the can and did not trash our nation’s capitol! Who cares about this land? Who respects this nation? There was no trouble, no arrests. Who obeys our laws? Can anyone say the same about “other” groups we know?

    1. Dot,

      Thanks for your thoughts. In the comments on the above post, we discussed that the photo appeared to be from a 1997 rally (and changed the description to show “purported” since it was represented to us as from the rally last Saturday).

      Glad to hear that you were there and able to add your voice to the chorus. From everything we’ve been hearing today, it would seem that your estimate of several hundred thousand is right on the mark.

      Law abiding right wing extremists? Wow. Better call the White House and let them know that something is definitely causing a disturbance in the force.

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