Something’s Happening Here…

…unlike like the song, it is perfectly clear. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the massive 9/12 Tea Party Protests taking place today in Washington DC and around the country.

Vodkapundit, Stephen Green, is rounding up the coverage from DC, and Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, is providing updates from Qunicy, Illinois.

In DC, the crowd is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands (some say as high as 2 million)!  As Stephen Green’s coverage proves Americans are tired of what the political class is foisting on us and they are letting the politicians know it.  The discontent isn’t from an obscure group of extremists or from paid corporate lackeys.  The anger is real.  And, the anger is pervasive throughout the country.

Witness a video of the DC protest from Ed Frank:

Expect the media to ignore it.  Expect Obama and the Democratic leadership to play it down.  But, don’t expect these Americans to give up.

Popular sentiment has solidified against the attempts at inserting the federal government into every aspect of our lives.  Once complacent Americans are now speaking out, and against, the encroachment of government into their private lives.

The politicians in office can either take heed and reasses their priorities, or ignore their constituents and find themselves out of a job next November.  Either way, CHANGE is coming.