Snowing Like It’s 1968?

A number of us upper plains folks are getting ready for a bit of a blow:

Winds by tomorrow morning should be strongest in South-central South Dakota but the 20-30 miles per hour wind from the north and northwest will increase by Christmas Day. Sioux Falls will have some wind from the northeast tomorrow, but much stronger winds are likely by Christmas Day with blizzard conditions likely.

This is a very dangerous storm. Last minute preparations should be completed today and travel will become impossible in many areas as the storm develops through Christmas Day. It appears Sioux Falls may get its heaviest 2 day snowfall total since 1968.

Here at Constant Conservative central, I’m only about a half-hour, as the snow flies, west of Sioux Falls. We’ve plenty of food and water–and firewood–should the power go out. Some folks in the western part of the state, down by Gregory, have already seen power lines down because of early ice buildup.

Here is a map of South Dakota’s roadway conditions.

Here is a whole page full of South Dakota road cameras.

We weren’t going far for our Christmas. Now we are probably not going to stir from our turkey-perfumed abode. Safe travels to all who must be out and about.