Smallbore but Not Boring

Left the house this morning at 7:18 local time–got home at 7:12 local time (no, not six minutes before I left). Spent the day shooting a .22 rifle in the hope that while I may never be as good as I once was–I may be able to improve from where I am now. Early verdict is along the lines of “I’m getting too old for laying on hard ground.” I have little question that such a verdict will be overturned by better sense once I get over the soreness of forming myself into a variety of shooting positions (some of which I had only ever read about). Tonight, I may well manage the sleep of the just.

There are better ways to spend a beautiful day in late July, but not many. Unfortunately, I missed the South Dakota bloggers get-together up at Lake Herman Madison today, but I trust they managed quite well without me.

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