Sioux Falls Tax Day Tea Party 2009

Went to the party today. Excellent group there. By my estimation, somewhere north of 2,000 people showed up. Families with children, older folks, young professionals, even a happy little porker. Didn’t see any counter-protesters as such, though there were a few in the crowd who seemed uncomfortable to be there (and didn’t really join in with the cheering of the folks around them).

I’ll get some pictures up later, when my camera and download cable get back together for some data transfer.


KSFY has the first local piece: Hundreds Gather to Protest Spending

The AP speaks: Symbolic tea boxes dumped in Sioux Falls rally

Argus Leader has a first look: Thousands turn out for Sioux Falls tax-day protest

KELO goes large: Large Crowd Gathers for SF Tax Day Tea Party

‘Nother Update

To those who have let me know that my estimate of 2k or so attendees was well under what some others are reporting (3.5k by the SF police department, 3-4k by the Argus Leader, etc) I have only this to say: What did you expect? I’m a conservative.

Photo Update

Modern revolutionary (one of those who tossed the tea into the lake).

Tea Party Revolutionary

A little one for whom the effort was simply too taxing.

Too taxing

A few of the crowd.

Some of the crowd at the Tea Party

Those who were looking for handouts (mostly hot dog bun crumbs).

entitlement fowl

The speaker’s platform (with a few blasts from the distant past).

speakers at Sioux Falls tax day tea party 2009

Selfishly interested in cutting the pork.

bacon against taxation

A budding non-socialist.

No socialism for this young tea partier

An appeal to brotherhood.

An appeal to brotherhood

4 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Tax Day Tea Party 2009

  1. Tea Party veterans keep speaking out in the weeks to come… Don’t let the message fizzle!

  2. Glad that you had a good turnout. There will be one in Greenville on Friday night at the Bi-Lo center.

  3. Enjoyed the pictures very much. I will let you know what I find out about our local tea party. Probably I won’t be able to attend except in spirit. I think that I will wear some tea bags to work in honor of the day.

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