Senator Knudson on the 2nd Amendment

On his gubernatorial campaign website Senator Dave Knudson has posted his credentials as a gun rights supporter in the form of a handy palm card.  Click here to visit his campaign website.

Here is the palm card:

Michael adds: While I applaud the Senator’s statements on this important issue, I would like to mention a few things.

  1. Being pro-hunting in South Dakota is almost a requirement for a statewide elected official, considering how much the economy benefits from the annual influx of Chinese-chicken chasers.
  2. Hunting and shooting are a side-benefit to the Second Amendment. The core benefit of the amendment is to ensure individual self-defense and protection.
  3. The pamphlet leaves out Senator Knudson’s “No” vote on the Citizen Self Defense bill (SB 82) in the last session. This bill would have permitted concealed carry on college campuses, had it been passed into law.