SD Senator Tim Johnson Pitches Health Insurance Reform

Just so we are clear about everything related to the health insurance reform (and since the Senator was unable to participate in any town hall meetings where he could have told us all of this):

There has been a great deal of misinformation swelling around reform efforts lately, and I want to be clear in stating this is not a “government takeover” of our health care system, nor a means of rationing care. Health reform will increase the health insurance coverage options available to you and your family while also ensuring that no one – not your insurance company and certainly not the government – prevents you from choosing the doctor you trust, or receiving the most appropriate and effective treatment.

No government takeover, no rationing of care. Increase of options. Most appropriate and effective treatment. Wow, sounds pretty good.

Fixing health care will mean your insurance company will no longer be able to deny coverage of necessary treatments due to a pre-existing condition, and the premiums you pay will no longer contain a hidden cost of treating the uninsured.

Hmm, now it seems as though my insurance company will have to accept risks that they didn’t previously, but at the same time they cannot charge more for them.

Congress is working tirelessly to find the most responsible and pragmatic way to finance reform. We have inherited a staggering deficit from the previous administration, and while it seems unthinkable to spend more money now, the health of our economy and our nation depends on addressing this issue and bringing reform to health care.

Senator, the previous administration might have had a drink or two too many, but the staggering didn’t happen until the present administration bellied up to the bar. I’m sorry that you cannot bring more to this discussion than saying that we have no choice and that we must make these changes immediately or more people are going to suffer.