SD Governor Poll Analysis

Thanks to all who contributed their selections to a highly unscientific but ultimately enjoyable poll of those who have currently tossed their hats (or said that they will) into the ring for the desirable billet of the South Dakota Governor’s Mansion.

From the roughly 200 participants in the poll, we have the following:

  • Dennis Daugaard received 61.5% of the vote
  • Scott Munsterman 24.1%
  • Scott Heidepriem 8.7%
  • Dave Knudson 2.6%
  • Ken Knuppe 2.6%
  • Ron Volesky 0.5%

Based on the traffic (and the results) it would seem as though Mr. Daugaard’s supporters are following his Facebook page somewhat closely these days. Likewise, Scott Munsterman’s supporters are paying attention to his Facebook page. From this we learn that get-out-the-vote efforts can indeed be fruitful.

Some of the supporters of Mr. Heidepriem and Mr. Volesky might have found themselves on unfamiliar ground here at Constant Conservative, so kudos to those who braved the philosophical dangers and voted anyway. Knuppe and Knudson supporters seem somewhat non-participative at present, but they may well be readying themselves for things more current than an election which is still 423 sleep cycles in the future.

Unlike a state election, some 30% of all the votes came from outside South Dakota. Of course, these may have been absentee ballots by South Dakota citizens, but not all seem to fall into that category.

Subjectively speaking, the most interesting vote was for Dave Knudson and arrived from Morocco. Truly, our state is small (in people and importance) compared with New York or Florida, yet we still manage to garner international attention for the governor’s race.


Another poll will be going up Monday. Should you like to suggest a topic, please do so in the comments. I’ve a few ideas but am quite willing to consider other possibilities. In general, the topics should bear on South Dakota–though they need not necessarily conform entirely to the topics of law and public policy.