Respect and Psalm 109

I do not wish for President Obama to be re-elected (should he run) in 2012. That comes as no surprise to any regular follower of this space. However, his position deserves a measure of respect. John Mark Reynolds says it well:

I strongly oppose the President’s politics. He will not get my vote in 2012, but I need not use CAP-LOCK rhetoric to make the case. It is ineffectual and morally wrong. Learning charity in my loyal opposition to the President should not be hard for an evangelical Christian.

After all a gospel that calls us to love our enemies and pray for our persecutors. Loving our President does not mean voting for him, respecting his positions, or treating him with kid gloves. It does mean condemning any hint of violent rhetoric in our presence in strong terms and turning off our CAPS-LOCK key.

On a related note, I find myself in some concord with Badlands Blue with reference to the use of Psalm 109:8 as a prayer for the President. Yes, I laughed when I first saw it, but it is quite true that the context–a Psalm which calls for the violent overthrow of a wicked person–may cause many to stumble. While I do believe that this imprecatory Psalm is as much a part of the canon of scripture as the Sermon on the Mount, I do find the context of the verse to negate any value which it might have had–if only because people will say that what folks are praying for is not just that verse, but the entire Psalm.

If this verse had been selected by those engaged in vocal opposition to the prior President, would those of us on this side of the fence not have thought the same thing?

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