Remembering 1979 Iran

With all that is happening in Iran these days, I am taken back to my childhood, when the nightly news show that my grandfather watched had a countdown of the number of days the US hostages were being held by the Iranians. To a child, hundreds of days of being held against one’s will was a horrible thing–as frightening as nocturnal collisions with indescribable monsters.

To an adult, the idea that so little (in some ways) has changed since those days is itself a thing of horror. As I watch some of the footage shown in following series of videos (HT: Hot Air), I am filled with a sense of urgency, yet unable to do much of anything about the real people shown in these clips but pray and spread the information so that others may do likewise.

I am fully aware that Iran’s leadership is far less governed by the rule of law than our own, but at the same time, given these videos and the various blogs and other means of communication which were not available 30 years ago (when those currently in power deposed the government of the Shah) how reasonable can it be to assume that the unrest at what is an all-but-certain rigging of the elections will simply be shut down as at other times?

Or, to put it into a much shorter sentence: Has Samson lost his hair and he doesn’t know it yet? I am far from an expert on matters Iranian. Yet, as even the Asian powerhouse found out in 1989, a few thousand people who value freedom more than life itself can put cracks in the foundation of the most repressive regimes. At present, it would appear that the demonstrations in Iran are involving tens if not hundreds of thousands of citizens. Reality may yet surprise me. I hope (and pray) that it does.