Regarding AirTran Flight 297

As noted in a previous post, I’m not entirely certain what to make of the events I covered here. This is particularly true when examining the two main reports of the events which I had (from the two passengers identified as the former Navy guy and the chaplain) seeing that those reports were quite different from each other in many details.

Since then, I’ve come across the following piece by an investigator who interviewed 7 people involved in the events, including law enforcement. Here’s a bit:

I was first contacted about this incident two days after it happened by a passenger who was aboard AirTran Flight 297. Based on the allegations made by this passenger, we conducted additional research, interviews and investigation, all of which takes time to insure accuracy, and are now able to release our report of the incident that took place aboard that aircraft.


As initially stated, proper and accurate investigation takes time to corroborate eyewitness accounts, which are often unreliable, contradictive and in cases like this, colored by emotion.  Having interviewed a total of seven-(7) individuals directly involved in this incident over the last several days, including two law enforcement officers who handled the after action reports, the situation pertaining to the initial 13 and remaining 10 or 11 Muslim men allowed to continue their travels was far greater than an incident involving the unauthorized use of a cell phone that resulted in a minor flight delay, as reported by the mainstream media.

Go read it all.

It would seem as though there is indeed more to this than had been reported. Here’s hoping some mainstream media pick up on this and do a bit more digging.


Ace has some thoughts on the matter. He’s thinking there is more to this than meets the eye.