RCJ on EFCA and Senator Johnson

I’ve written about EFCA (aka Card Check) several times. I was glad to see today’s editorial from the Rapid City Journal (from which an excerpt follows):

We’re disappointed by the recent news that Sen. Tim Johnson would vote for cloture on the controversial card check bill. Johnson’s vote would allow the bill to reach the Senate floor for debate.

A vast majority of the business and professional groups in South Dakota oppose this legislation and have made their case clear, pointing out the potential damage the legislation could do to the business — and by extension the working — community in South Dakota.

The RJC assumes that as an elected servant of the state, Senator Johnson will take his constituent’s concerns into full consideration. This is not always how it works. And, while there are times when a brave person must vote for the right thing (regardless of how his constituents may be aligned), I would venture that this is not one of those times. Instead, it would appear as though the Senator is following his party’s leadership down the path to increased government control of the means of production.