Price, Cost, Life

From the DH corner over at Fastidious’ K&K (keyboard and Killian’s), Cosbysweater weighs in on some important stuff:

If my neighbor dies of starvation, should we enact legislation to make food available to all? This question ignores the fact that food is available to all.  At a price.  Subsidizing food does not remove the cost of food, though it may remove the price for some. Health care reform is not just a question of my duty to my neighbor. It is a complex issue dealing with economics, policy, liberty and life.

[ . . .]

I also know the difference between “a price” and “a cost.” And I’m now telling you, the cost of this health care reform is not what I am willing to give.  There are other options.

I trust that other options will be explicated by the author in the future, but I have an idea that these other options will tend to be those which encourage sound economic thinking, properly restrained government polices, greater liberty and above all, a respect for life before, during and after the suggested patient age bell curve for most useful health care spending.

(Does any one else find it ironic that Rahm Emanuel and his brother Ezekiel Emanuel, who is advocating the 15-40 sweet spot, have last names that mean “God With Us”?)