Paying Twice

I was interested to hear that one can now get access to the records of civil judgments in South Dakota via the web. I was not so happy to realize that I would need to pay for the information. After all, I’ve already paid taxes which have been used to compensate the judges, courts, etc which were used to arrive at the decisions, why then do I need to pay again to access to this information?

It would make sense if my request needed to be handled by some government worker who was kept from doing other work by my request, but that is not the case. These records are computerized and accessible without human intervention.

Oh well, guess this is what one gets with a monopoly of certain types of information, eh?

3 thoughts on “Paying Twice

  1. This is the biggest scam going. I have spent the last couple weeks researching this and every municiple, county and state building, agency and judicial system in every state is listed on D&B (traded as) for profit corporation. There seems to be a lot of double, even triple dipping going going on in today’s corporate governement, right down to my birth certificate number being traded on wall street as if I were chattel/a commodity.

    Didn’t it ever occur to you how so called public appointed, elected & hired emplyees/officials live the high life. A life rich in monetary means and things that never was suppose to happen under the law of the constitution?

    I dare you to go find your name on D&B, but do not jsut look in SD as that woulds be too easy, you have to do a national search and then follow the adresses of all the names that come up in that search.Also, call in your BC number anoymously to a stock/financial advisor find out just how much the government is trading you for these days. It will be that 9 digit number on the bottom left of your your BC.

    1. Linda,

      D&B is a credit reporting agency. I find it entirely possible that they may report credit for municipalities (since those are quasi-business entities) though I do not currently have access to a user account which would allow me to prove that one way or the other.

      However, to claim that elected officials are somehow profiting by trading us via birth certificate tracking codes is beyond credible. Many elected officials are indeed profiting beyond their salaries, but that would be due to the usual sloppy record-keeping as well as outright graft.

      Never blame on a conspiracy what is attributable to the inherent flaws of the human heart.

      1. The easy answer is always to refer to something so inconceivable because of what we have been taught/indoctrinated through the years. My daughter who is 26, my granddaughter who is only nine are both listed as (traded as) D&B. This is NO coincidence. May I ask that you keep an open mind?

        I didn’t believe it all either, but the more I research, especially going back to before the revolution, the more the picture is clearing for me.

        The more that is uncovered and able to be utilized, there are more & more court cases getting thrown out and scrubbed from dockets across the country as if they never existed.

        I suggest you start with the birth of what is known today as our modern court/judicial system which began in the 1930’s, read pertinent congressional records from 1940-46 and then records from 1950.

        If you still think it all conspiracy after days of researching this, then God help you if you ever have to go up against this system when the government starts scooping up that land out west for the horses and donkeys.

        West river land in SD is prime. And not for the horses or donkey as congress just passed, but for the rich natural resources below it. You all had better wake up and prepare how to tackle this in court.

        This isn’t fiction, it is plain fact. It is happening all over the country and the media is keeping quiet on it.

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