Park Bulletin

The post just below addresses the recent credit card legislation (which has a very interesting amendment on it). Do you remember a while ago when there was the issue with the national parks not allowing concealed carry of firearms?  Well, it would seem as though Senator Coburn got an amendment attached to this credit card bill (ha ha, no pun intended) which would set policy for the NPS (National Park Service) and allow the carry of concealed weapons in national parks by those who are permitted to carry in the states which share space with those parks.

It would appear that this amendment got in and stayed there because there was insufficient time to go through procedure to have it surgically removed and still meet the President’s deadline for getting the credit card legislation passed. Of course, it seems a bit strange for the President to be setting the deadline when the Congress is supposedly an equal branch of government and shouldn’t be putting anything to vote without proper research, debate and the like. Then again, I may be suffering one of my historical hot flashes.

I’m not quite sure what to think of all of this outside of perhaps being glad that I didn’t have to vote on a bill which was on the one hand completely leaving out personal responsibility and the other hand encouraging personal responsibility in the protection of human life. Though, in fairness, I still think the bill was worth voting against and that Coburn probably simply saw the pressure behind the bill as setting up the context for the move he made by proposing the amendment. That is, if some folks hadn’t been so gung-ho about getting this bill passed right now, the amendment would still be languishing on the good senator’s desk and looking for a host.

Sometimes things just are not that simple, are they?