On Days Like This

On days like this, I find it very difficult to stay at the keyboard, which difficulty leads directly to the paucity of posts. The weather was so lovely (and still is, as I write this) that at one point this afternoon, I looked up into the cloud-filled sunlit sky and said “God, I would be glad to have a couple weeks of weather just like today.”

Upon reflection, I may have spoken in haste. While I would indeed enjoy a couple weeks with this 75-degree, sunny with very little wind kind of weather–I would (of necessity) need to spend most of those days working inside and so would find myself where I really didn’t want to be. Dissatisfaction is not very hard to come by, is it?

Now I must go encourage a number of downed twigs, tree limbs and other semi-dry biomass to offer up a sacrifice of carbon upon the altar of flame. I wonder if I should inquire if the biomasses are interested in a little cap and trade before I accelerate the redux reaction?