Omnibus Spending to Benefit Joe Foss Field and Alcoholics

The massive bill (why does that seem redundant these days?) which just made its way through the Senate yesterday (what’s with all this work on the weekends?) had a few requests by South Dakota’s lone representative, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin:

  • Add to Munitions Maintenance Complex, Joe Foss Field
  • Above Ground Multi-Cubicle Magazine Storage, Joe Foss Field
  • Road Improvements from 57th Street North to 1000 ft South of 26th Street, Sioux Falls
  • Construction of a facility to house chronically homeless persons, Minnehaha County
  • Avera Reaching Kids Initiative, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

Ahh, where to begin. Let’s start simple. The first two items may be proper uses of taxpayer’s monies (I would not know for certain without doing more research into this).

Now, on to the road improvements. The city of Sioux Falls is responsible for its roads–not the federal government. If the city can’t figure out where to find the money to cover projects like this from its own budget, then perhaps it should consider fewer social programs and more focus on infrastructure.

I thought I had already written about the homeless facility (and then remembered that I had thought about it and even drafted some material, but never covered it in detail). The bottom line on that one is that the county is spending county tax dollars (and now federal tax dollars) to build a facility which will tend to enable poor behavior. In fact, those individuals who are near the margin will be encouraged to just let go and let Minnehaha.[Update: I may be confusing this with another homeless endeavor on the part of the county. More checking is needed.]

Then there is the Avera project. You’d think the hospital would know by now that it is better not to accept taxpayer funding if one truly wants to have control over one’s own projects.

Oh well, not to worry, US Treasury still has the money to buy more supplies to create more money.