Odd, Useful, Interesting

In preparation for the somewhat local Tax Day Tea Party tomorrow, a friend came up with the idea of getting some pocket copies of the US Constitution to give out. Of course, this idea came to him just a few hours ago–so we did not have the luxury of ordering them online. Instead, I traveled to the nearest large bookstore and asked them if they had any pocket-sized copies. We (the salesperson helping me and I) had some difficulty locating the books which were said to be in stock. At one point, we were looking at a particular shelving unit and the lady helping me said “It should be on here. This is where [another employee] puts the stuff that is odd, useful and interesting.”

I didn’t ask which category the book I was looking fell into, but it gave me pause (and yes, I did find some books–but not the size I needed).

I should think that those three words may well encompass the thinking of most American citizens with regards to the US Constitution.

  • Odd–Those who find it to be an antiquated document written by guys who have been dead for the better part of two centuries. If they ever pay lip service to it, they only do so when they can somehow make it a “living document” rather than what it was written to be.
  • Useful–Those who see it as a remarkable document and the source of lawful governance in these United States, who realize that it has been regularly abused and twisted, yet is still the source for that which is right and good about our country.
  • Interesting–Many who know that it holds a special place in our history and often hear it referenced but may not really know a whole lot about it.

It is my hope that we can freeze the ranks of the Odd, strengthen the arms of the Useful and convert the Interesting. Tomorrow’s activities can only help to assist in that regard.

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