NYRP Blues

While I’ve no personal connection to a special election which is occurring in New York’s 23rd District, I am nonetheless encouraged by how matters look at present.

If you’ve not been keeping up to date, here is the skinny: Current representative appointed to something in federal government leaves seat open. Newt Gingrich et al like Dede Scozzafava for the position. Democrats pick Bill Owens. Another chap, Doug Hoffman says “wait a minute, I’m a conservative, why did you guys pick Dede?”

Then, the race gets interesting. Jim Demint, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee (among others) have now backed Hoffman, who does indeed seem to be the true conservative in the race.

For the latest, you can’t beat the work which RS McCain is doing both in New York, his pleasant domicile and many points in between.

Here’s the thing, the NYRP (New York Republican Party) may find out that in choosing pragmatism over principle in its selection of Ms. Scozzafava, it showed voters why party seems to be little more than a kinder, gentler way of losing, when one really doesn’t have to.

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