Not Reading the News

I got up rather early today to get a number of things done which did not involve working on a computer. Instead it was all about drilling holes and running wires and other necessary things to get a sound system properly configured for a house of worship. Then, after getting home, the family and I decided to take a bit of a drive to view some nearby possibly-for-sale property (and the drive happened to end up at friends who were gracious enough to share their evening repast).

All that to say that I almost went the day without news–at least not reading it. It was a bit of a strange feeling, I must admit. Not entirely bad–just different. Then, I realized that I needed to read a bit so I could write a bit. After reading about too many things in the last half hour which just aren’t attractive or don’t seem really important to this tired human, I realized something.

I could just say “Hi.”

“Hi everybody. Have a good evening (and a good tomorrow). Catch up with you all again on Monday.”

3 thoughts on “Not Reading the News

  1. Every weekend I take a break from the news since I don’t have internet at home any longer. Getting rid of our landline/internet was a great way to save $60 per month. I’d rather keep our cat!

  2. Since we have such convenient internet through work or at the in-laws, internet at home was not a necessity. But my workplace does not provide pets, so the cat is more precious than the internet because it is rarer.

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